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A good estimate is the key to ensuring a smooth and accurate
quote for your move.


There are four ways in which we provide estimates:


Phone Estimate

One of our helpful office lads will take you through a phone estimate by asking pertinent questions pertaining to your specific move.

You will be asked questions 
regarding what type, amount, size of furniture that needs to be moved.

Other questions will relate to access at each address and also any specific packing requirements

Online Estimate

We have compiled an extensive list of questions regarding your move. The more information you give us on this form the smoother your move will be.

The form when completed is immediately sent to our office via email. 
From this
 form we can give you a more exact rundown of costs.

Email Estimate

You can email all your details to:

We will compile this information and be able to give you a realistic rundown of costs.

In-House Estimate

Our professional estimator will call to your address giving you a tailor made estimate based on what he sees at the address.

Most customers do not require an in-house estimate as most moves are straight forward and our other estimation options should suffice.

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